Watching Czech VR videos on Gear VR

6 Feb

Samsung’s device for watching virtual reality videos is surely on of the best on the market, and buying one is certainly not a regrettable decision. This thing has a very high field of view, as well as the custom IMU (Initial Measurement Unit) that allows rotational tracking while being connected to your smartphone via the usual micro-USB hub. Watching the Czech VR videos on this device is an awesome experience – once you download the real porn clip that you like (be sure to¬†choose the Gear VR download), you just have to find this video that you’ve downloaded on your phone and then move it to the following path:

Device Storage//Android//Data//

After this comes the easy stuff. You have to insert the smartphone in the Gear VR device and do a bit of the setting¬†adjusting, after which you can select the Milk VR application and select the Downloaded videos in the navigation menu, and then find the video that you downloaded from Czech VR and just play it! As already mentioned, the Gear VR brings a very high quality of video and is surely made by the guys who knew what they were doing – buying one won’t be a mistake.